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There are two manufacturing divisions in Piastów  near Warsaw – Division of Metal Products and Division of Rubber Products – both belong to Stomilex Sp. z o.o.

This web side covers the performance of Division of Rubber Products  while the data on Division of Metal Products  is available on

Division of Rubber Products offers rubber-metal products and rubber ones, services of extruded  rubber semi-product, testing of rubber compound  and readymade  products and designing and manufacturing of rubber rubber compounds.

Products of the Company are directed mainly to the railway market in the USA. They are rubber-metal elements and element units operating as kind of absorbers in arrester hooks of locomotives and engines.

The significant part of the Company activities include production of silent-blocks for car industry and agricultural machines.

The Company owns a number of machines and manufacturing facilities including  extruder with gear pump and cutting facility, which help produce  rubber semi-product of precise measurement, free from bubbles and airing.

A trump card of the Company is its Laboratory equipped with modern machines  testing a wide range of features of rubber compounds and readymade products and a group of experienced technologists.

The aim of the Company is to meet  customer requirements providing adequate quality of products and services,  timely deliveries and good price of its products.


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Project is finished. Preparation for control

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Project is finished. Preparation for control

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Project approved!

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New vulcanization presses

02-06-2011 Nowości

New vulcanization presses

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